20 September 2007

Some Good News from Norway

Last week on 10 September, Norway held elections for mayors and municipal councils, and for county councils. The results ended up with the Socialist Left Party's share of the vote plummeting, and the other two parties of the governing "Red Green Coalition" (the Norwegian Labour Party and Centre Party) making modest gains.

However, in terms of electoral breakthroughs, the revolutionary socialist Red Electoral Alliance (Rødt Valgallianse, now just Rødt) made significant gains in elections. It increased its share of municipal council seats from 57 to 66, and kept its county council seats at 8. Also, Rødt politician Knut Henning Thygesen was elected mayor in the town of Risør, the first Rødt member to be elected to such an office. This marks a good breakthrough for the organisation since it lost its only member of the Storting in 1997.

Congratulations to
dt, and well wishes for future successes as a revolutionary socialist party!


Korakious said...


Renegade Eye said...

In the US we don't have an electoral outlet for the real left.

A Malcolm Suber is starting a new formation in New Orleans, with ties to the embryonic American Labor Party.

Zeus the Moose said...

I heard about that, and the Labor Party in South Carolina actually seems to be running candidates in 2008, which seems like a decent start.

However, I am a little skeptical about the LP's campaign in SC, partially because they're making it sound like they're going to make a breakthrough in 2008. While I'd be very delighted if they did, I have a feeling their vote totals will be less than they hope. Hopefully that won't deter them from continuing their electoral campaigns though.