26 November 2007

From the Iraqi Freedom Congress: No to US War on Iran… The US Administration's Arrogance Must Be Stopped

This statement was put out by the Iraqi Freedom Congress a little over two weeks ago. I feel it gives a clear message in favour of secular democracy, not only in Iraq, but in Iran and throughout the Middle East as well. Unfortunately, the IFC is largely ignored by the US anti-war movement because the main antiwar "broad front" organisations either pander to the Democratic Party (UFPJ) or give near blanket support to all forms of resistance to US imperialism, even the reactionary ones (ANSWER). In relation to Iran, much of the anti-war movement doesn't seem to be putting forth good positions either, except the largely British Hands Off the People of Iran (HOPI). Hopefully, with the work of likeminded activists in the US, their ideas will spread here.

From my perspective, the IFC and HOPI probably would each gain a lot by trying to work together, though HOPI's position is more explicitly socialist than the IFC, and the split in the Worker-Communist Parties of Iran and Iraq may cause some difficulty in this.

A report has come out yesterday by the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA on Iran's nuclear file, as a result the US administration launched a vicious campaign in the media to prepare for a new war no less brutality on its war on Iraq, but this time on Iran.

Militarization and the use of force is a key element in the US administration ideology to impose its hegemony on the world. Beating the war drums is always part of US policy to contain its international competitors such as the European Union, Russia and China, and this policy is an extension to the one that is implemented in Iraq to wage the second Gulf War and the imposition of economic blockade, which lasted thirteen year then its occupation of Iraq. The US administration justified its inhuman policy with the pretext which is "possession of weapons of mass destruction".

On the other hand, the Iranian regime is trying to defend itself by possessing nuclear weapons and ignoring the safety and security of the people of Iran without regards to what will happen to millions of innocents if the US administration launched the war against Iran. At the same time, the Iranian regime is trying to take advantage of this atmosphere to push the Iranian people to the holocaust of war in order to preserve itself.

In the midst of this conflict the voices of Iranian nationalist parties and the others who are loyal to the US administration have risen to support the US war on Iran, as did the Iraqi parties who were known as London Conference parties in the eve of war and occupation of Iraq.

We call the Iranian people attention not to be fooled by the US policy to depose the mullahs and that they would be given their freedom by war, destruction of their country and tightening the economic blockade. Iraq is an example of this vicious policy, that is for more than seventeen years and the people pay for the US policy. For more than four years of occupation, more than 1.2 million people lost their lives, more than 4 million people were displaced and dozens of innocents fall as a result of the civil and sectarian war, political chaos, terrorism and a dark future where nothing could be seen but sectarian Mafia. Ultimately the Iraqis gained nothing but havoc and destruction. The Iraq Freedom Congress announces its condemnation and censure to the US administration's attempts to prepare the climate for launching a war against Iran under any pretext and justification. The Iraq Freedom Congress stands by the humanitarian front in Iran, Iraq and the world against war on Iran and calls on all his supporters in Iraq and the world to strengthen the ranks of the protesting movement against the senseless endeavors of the US administration to impose their arrogance on the world. It also calls on the Iranians not to be fooled by the empty propaganda and inhuman policies of the Iranian parties who share the US the same vision because it will not bring anything but vain. The way to remove the danger of war on Iran is by tightening the struggle of the people of Iran to topple the mullahs which is the only way to gain freedom.

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