08 March 2009

Getting Back to Blogging

Anything to avoid classwork, right?

Actually it's somewhat interesting; a short mention of blogging on Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! said that college students that blog tend to be happier (though don't tell that to the people who have to read them...) And giving myself some additional focus outside of school might do some good, since I've been feeling somewhat stuck lately. So hopefully I can get back into this. As a result, the blog will become more personal and less political, though Marxism has taken over my brain by this point so there's really no avoiding politics.

But here's to being back (hopefully)!

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Phil BC said...

Dear Peter

I didn't have an email address for you, so I hope you don't mind me leaving this here.

I'm writing to you inviting you to take part in the Carnival of Socialism. The Carnival has been bringing a fortnightly round up of everything that's going on in the global socialist blogosphere for the last three years, and draws from a wide and eclectic mix of blogs. It has had the added bonus of helping the blogging left become a more cohesive and welcoming place, as well as delivering more audiences to the blogs that have already taken part.

But the Carnival needs your help. We are looking to expand the number of volunteers beyond a core group of 'usual suspects'. Previous Carnivals are located on its dedicated blog at http://carnivalofsocialism.blogspot.com to give you an idea of what hosting a carnival entails. We have sessions booked up until 26th April but need volunteers for dates after then. So how about it?

If you would like to sign up for a Carnival, know someone who might, or have any other questions about it please drop me a line at philbc03 at yahoo.com

Socialist Greetings,

Phil BC (A Very Public Sociologist)